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Triple Bypass

My husband is turning 40 and had triple bypass surgery on the 1st of August 2013. Really traumatic for the family - I was diagnosed with PTSD shortly

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Heat attack with a repreive?

Hi there: Last month I suffered a sever form of chest pain, and subsequently was taken to my hospital emergency. After usual ECG and blood work it was

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Scared at 51

I have been diebetic since 1998 where i lost 105 pounds and was imediatly put on insulin. athen about 6 months ago durring the summer i noticed severe

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t whitworth

I had a triple bypass in 1998 now my legs feet are covered in varicose veins burning like hell. Also cripled up with plantar fasciitis of the feet.

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32 years old with a double bypass

on 12/01/2013 i experienced a hot throat feeling with a severe cough. i didn't want to leave work just for a bad cough, so i stayed and tried to stick

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Charlies Story

When I was preparing to go into the Air Force, after I graduate from High School I found out that I had a heart murmur at my physical for the Air Force.

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weight loss and buzzing head

My name is Jeff Im a 50 yr old male . I am 8 weeks out of quadrupal bypass . about 4 months ago I started losing weigh fast i dropped from 75 kg to

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My Mystery solved at last..

Hello....I am a new recipient of a Pacemaker.....For 18-20 years I have been experiencing this strange feelings wash over me which would make me feel weak

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Why Me?

First of all, I am 44yrs old (female) and just recently returned from hospital because I had a heart attack Oct.25th 2013. It was a normal morning drinking

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Vince Rebuzzi

hi all Not sure what it was but this is my story. on two occasions i was playing golf and my heart started to race, got really weak had the cold sweats

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