48 and a double bypass!

by Clarissa Taylor
(Tacoma, Wa.)

I had a stent placed in my LAD in Oct 2010. My symptoms were shortness of breath and having to stop every few feet just to catch my breath. After a few tests I was sent for the radio active stress test and then an angiogram. They placed the stent and for a year I was fine, then the symptoms started to come back. Another angiogram and this time the Dr. said, Clarissa, you need a double bypass. I was shocked, but you could clearly see on the angiogram ....above the stent was clogged and my right coranary artery was totally clogged and beyond stenting! So December 16th 2011, I had my surgery. I am doing well with my recovery! I have a hard time not being able to do as much as I could before my surgery, I mean lifting and moving around like normal! But it's getting easier each day. I get up and move around everyday for at least 10 minutes. I will do more when I am healed a little more! My first follow up appointment is tomorrow and I am so pleased with my progress, I am hoping my Dr. will be as well. I can't stress enough ....move around as much as possible, it helps you heal faster, and do your breathing exercises. It hurts at first but I promise you will feel so much better if you do it, no matter how hard it is, it does get easier! I never thought that I would have this happen to me, but I have a new opportunity to make the most of my newly repaired heart and I am going to take the best care of it ever! The Scar, yes it is brutal looking right now, but it will fade. I will not cover it up and hide it. I will wear it as a badge of courage and strength! After all I survived Open Heart Surgery! ;p

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