34 male double by pass surgery

by jason
(nanty glo,pa)

hello my name is Jason i am 34 years old.i am having lots of problems after my double bypass surgery, i had it done on September 16 2011 my chest is still killing me,i came to find out that i had Dresslers disease. Its the lining around the heart that did not fully close causing the pain i constintley was going to the dr for the pain and i ended up back in the hospital on Febuary 14th. when i would go to my dr, they would basically call me a liar because they said i shouldnt still be in pain.i still have a blockage of 30% in another artery . they were all on my left side of the heart.i have applied and working with a lawyer on getting social security.i finally got my letter denying me my social security, so now i have to go and appeal my case i have about 10 things wrong with me along heart diseases.it kinda makes me feel helpless and less of a man because i cant support my family, my mom is a good supporter, and helps me out with my expenses along with my family. so its really been a burden on my life. i would really hope and prey that no one has to go through what im going through and everyone that is doing great good job sorry i was negative ty Jason

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