32 yr old female living with heart disease

by audrey harris

hello people, firstly thanks for letting me share my story with you all. I am 32 yr old living with heart disease it all started on march this yr 2012 when i had chest pain which was put down to a virus on the 3rd time visiting the doctor. I was referred to the hospital to get checked out.

Once there at the hospital i had some blood tests done which came back high but they still wasn't sure what was wrong i was told that they thought i had a virus on the lining of my heart and i need to go for a echo sound which took place the following day, that came back inconclusive they couldn't see anything as it was too dark. They waited over the weekend to take me back for a echo sound on the monday and that came back i had a blood clot so i was started on heprain straight away and was waiting to be transferred to another hospital to get a mri scan of the heart. Mri scan had came back that i had a virus of the heart doctors where still not sure if i had a heart attack i was put on medication and released from hospital awaiting another appt for outpatient.

On july this year i had a angiogram to determine whether i had had a heart attack and my worst fears where confirmed that i had had a heart attack.

8 months on im awaiting treatment to see if i have to have stents which i will find out next wk. I am out walking 5 mile 3 nights a week i also go swimming 1 - 2 nights a wk and i also jog on the track i no longer smoke i feal good and healthy than i did before but i am however struggling to come to terms with living with heart disease.

Maybe when i have received my treatment i can close this chapter of my life and move on.

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I understand what you are going through
by: Tinisha

Im 36 now. In march of 2012 i came home from work on a saturday and put both my kids to bed. It was 720 pm. I started feeling an extreme heavy feeling in my arms and then it moved into my chest. I felt no pain at all so i was going to lay down to see if id be ok. Well i started to really worry and decided to go to the hospital. Literally 5 minutes after i got there my heart stopped and it went into v-fib. I coded twice and was placed on a breathing machine. I woke up two days later to hear what had happened to me. I to was a smoker for 17 years so i know this played a huge role in my attack. I had also been drinking more heavily for about 7 months so im also sure this did some damage. Im scared everyday. I now hav pvcs and im always worried that something is going to happen. I wish you the best of luck.

it can happen to u
by: caroline

people forget that this can happen to anyone no matter what age u are and it dose offect u in ways no one will know everyone thinks this only happens to old or unfit people when in fact it can happen to anyone. i hope u get well and the help u need xxx

all the best chick x
by: Anonymous

brian a bit harsh words to someone so young you need to remember what this women has been through

coming to terms
by: brian from nc

Maybe its easier cause im older but from the moment they said heart attack /triple bypass i figured the terms were deal with it or die. best to you

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