3 months since my bypass

by EA

It has been 3 months since my bypass surgery. This was only 9 days after the birth of my 4th baby girl. I had never had high blood pressure and had normal pregnancies.I was nursing my baby and I started having chest pains and went to the ER. My blood pressure was fine. But while I was being monitored I had a heart attack and died. I had to be revived. I just remember fading away. When I woke up they flew me to the closest cardiac hospital.I thought it was my last sunset ever.

My cardiac team was wonderful and my surgeon the absolute best.

I was in the Cardiac ICU for 5 days and another 2 on the cardiac floor. My husband was there for it all. Thank God for our mothers and my cousins taking care of my babies.

The doctors said it was caused from the fluid and hormones and a congenital defect in that one place. There are no other defects. I have suffered from anxiety and depression. I have never felt so mortal. I keep picturing everything in my head and I am scared to go to sleep at night.I have felt so alone.I am still crying after reading all of your stories.

Life scares me now. I have always been a strong person. Now it is hard for me to leave the house. I am recovering. But it is a long process.

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to Joe
by: EA

Thank you for writing back. I really have felt very alone-even being surrounded by supportive family. They just do not understand why I am depressed at all or have all this anxiety. they feel I should just be able to feel happy to be alive and get on with it. I want to. But having a heart attack,dying,being shocked back to life,being flown in a helicopter,then being cut open,while having a tube rammed down my throat,waking up in restraints,feeling like you have been run over gets to a person. Especially since I never even had high blood pressure. Sure I want to be happy and stress-free ,but where do I go from here? This has thrown my life and dreams and hopes upside down.I have to refocus and redirect my whole life. It's scary now knowing I am not really in control of anything. It gets a little better every day and I do have hope. I wish there were more support groups so we would not feel alone.Good Luck with Everything.EA

EA Georgia
by: Joe D

I know it's tough, I'm not going to share my story again but it's here someplace. I am scared as well being a heart attack survier. ICU 4 Days 3 Days on the heart pump. In the ward for 2 days and let loose. MY wife knows I had a heart attack but has no idea what I am going through. I look fine on the outside. I have rouble sleeping, every arm and chest pain scare me. Not to mension I'm reminded about the heart attack 3 times a day taking the meds. I changed my diet, I walk as much as I can .. Wife put me on a guilt trip so I went back to work a few days a week. She has a way of pushing me and If I push back .. we just argue. Her shrink's husband had a heart attack and he did this and that and now he's fine she tells me. I try to tell her I don't care what she and her shrink talk about .. leave it there. All Heart attacks are not the same and you think it would sink in .. Nope.. Things bother me like they have never before .. my patience is short. I rant .. I'm angry at myself. I blame me. and I have to deal with it .. It;s nice she is in my corner but don't push me. I've worked very hard .. we own a restaurant (stress there) actually had the heart attack there I was all alone at the time .. called 911 .. unlocked the front door and just waited for help. anyway .. will it get better. after 4 months it has a li'l. You are not alone .. hang in there ... I have 3 stents in my RCA 100% blocked and a month later LSAD 70% blocked so another Stent. I always disliked taking pills but here I am ..and I get heart burn or something like it still getting a little better there too .. still winded .. even just getting in bed have to catch my breath at times .. The people here are great .. Hang in there .. :)

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