28 days: The story behind the scar

by Cinnamon
(Lithonia Ga)

Three months after surgery

Three months after surgery

I am 27yr old female I recently had heart surgery 10days after I gave birth. My first signs that something was wrong was strong chest pains that did not subside. I went to the er and there i found out that i was having a heart attack. 1 day later I was being rushed to another hospital to have open heart surgery. I had to have a double bypass and a hole repaired. After surgery I my heart was doing so bad that my heart rate jumped in the high 200's I had to be sedated again. The doctors felt that I needed to have a difibulator placed in my chest. Upon, being in the hospital I also suffered a stroke which caused me to be in the hospital longer. I thank GOD for taking care of me. I have a four month old and a 6yr old. I am doing well now and my doctors look me and tell me "YOU LOOK GOOD" I hope people and know that there is life after HEART FAILURE Be Encouraged God will take care of you.

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by: LaShawn

He's awesome! I'm so excited about how He has brought you through these trials. Knowing you before all this happened and seeing you now, is a true testament to the goodness of the Lord. You are a gem and I'm so glad to have met you and witnessed God at work in your life. Love ya!

The Story Behind Her Praise
by: Raymond Woolard

Cinnamon is an extraordinary individual. As I observed during her fight for life, only God could have pulled her through. I love her so much and truly believe she is on her way to her Devine destiny in life. Her lovely daughter Sage and her handsome son Chance will always be the story behind her Praise to God!......Love, Uncle Ray aka "Doc". YOU ARE MY INSPIRATION!!

Pray Without Ceasing
by: Brian from North Carolina

God bless you both. Trust your doctors. Follow their advice. Love your mom. Raise your babies. Breathe in. Breathe out. And smile.

by: Anonymous

two miracles happened for you... the birth of your baby, and the surgery that saved your life. i hope you continue to do well. you are a young beautiful woman and deserve a long happy life to enjoy your children.

by: Cinnamon

Not sure if everyones comments are posting not able to see them...

by: TC Woolard

I'm so emotionally touched by this story because it is my cousin who lies behind those scars. A wondeful mother, daughter, niece, grand daughter, cousin and most importantly a great friend. Seeing her today knowing what she went through is enough to send anyone into tears. Looking at how far she's come is a journey in itself! I pray that she continue to share her story and uplift and encourage anyone who has either experienced or came close to experiencing the same ordeal. God bless her and her beautiful children.


Seeing Cinnamon go thur all the heart events she experienced in such a short time was overwhelming for me.
I was reliving the cardiac problems her grandfather and her aunt lived with for years. I didn't want that for her.
I've been inspired by Cinnamon's strong will to fight for her life and her strong faith. Watching her recovery is amazing. She's getting stronger reach day.
I continue to give God thanks for allowing her to be here with us.

by: Leila Jordan

This story continue to touch my heart because this is my child that I watch go through this, and saw God work a Miracle in her. She has come along way in such short time so I thank God everyday that he has allow her to still be here with us.

by: Cinnamon

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