27 and Infective Endocarditis Argh!

by Nick Brooks
(Sioux City, IA)

Hi I'm Nick and I am 27 years old, and either fortunately or unfortunately still alive depends how you look at it. So lets answer these questions.

What were the first signs you had a problem? Severe SI Joint Pain to where I couldn't walk well at all.

How was your health previously? Good for 27 year old, I was 180lbs best shape of my life, not so much now.

What were your risk factors? Family plagued with heart attacks and strokes.

Did you have a heart attack? No I didn't surprisingly.

Surgery? Unfortunately

Complications? Mitral Heart Valve Replaced with Mechanical, Infective Endocarditis

Did you go to cardiac rehab? I was supposed to, but I ended up moving away back home due to financial crisis this caused.

How long did it take for you recover? Still Recovering, but cosmetically not long.

How are you doing now? Good force myself to walk and stay moving, not back at my physical performance yet.

What changes did you make in your lifestyle? I find i like to lay down more often, had to stop wrestling professionally and give up my physically demanding job.

Have you overcome a particular challenge? Being able to walk, and walk like it didn't hurt.

What challenges do you continue to experience? Still have numbness in my left leg, so i try to stay off it by sitting or laying down. Probly prone to stroke now.

Where did/are you getting the most support? From me personally, i reverted back in my mind to the mindset where you tell me i can't do something, I'm gonna prove you wrong, and not letting this thing beat me.

What has your situation taught you? Be strong, and this will force you to be mentally strong.

What advice can you give to others? Be you, you know yourself best. Accept it, but don't let it define you.

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Do what I can
by: Nick

If my story can help others, I don't mind telling it, the mind is a really powerful thing when you have just yourself to depend on.

Positive Thinking
by: Anonymous

A good lesson for us all of courage and positive thinking! Thanks for sharing your struggle ,Nick

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