1st Heart attack RCA 3 stents .. 1 month later, LAD 1 stent

by Joe D
(Cambridge, MA USA)

Months before mt heart attack I was having indigestion and heartburn. Once my wife called 911 and I was taken to the hospital, tested and had the usual overnight stay. They told me I didn't have a heart attack (good news) from that time on I was still having bouts with heartburn and that feeling in your throat and chest area. I would wake up and my wife would notice that I was having those symptoms again and i told her it was the same feeling I had the last time she called 911 so please don't call again. I took some tums and it felt better and off to work I went. I smoked 1 1/2 packs a day for 38 years, Stressful job owning a restaurant and I wasn't eating all that well and I'm 56 years old at the time. Dec 27 while at work all alone I got that feeling again and this time mt chest had much more pressure on it. I called 911 unlocked the front door of the restaurant and sat down and waited for help. I didn't waist a second on this call it was much more severe than the pain in the past and I just knew. I was taken to the hospital that was 2 minutes away (again very lucky) When I arrived I went into a full blown heart attack. The pain in the arm started, the sweats and crushing pain in the chest as well as heartburn feeling. I was rushed in for a ecg and it shown I had a blocked artery 100% they removed all my clothing and off I went to the operating room where they went through the femoral artery and placed 3 stents in. I was awake for the whole thing even the morphine they gave me didn't help. I was panic and more than likely in shock as well. Had the heart pump in for 3 days in iCU and sent home the 4th day with lots of meds. When the reality hit it was like being hit by a truck. I was always in great shape, construction worker and I also jogged. During my check up I told my Dr that I was having shortness of breath and chest pain. He informed me that my LAD was 70% blocked. I made the appointment to have that fixed. They sedated me and it wasn't as bad as the first time. I was in recovery and the Dr came to visit holding 2 photos in his hand, a before and after of what he just did. He told me that we just avoided having another major heart attack. The LAD was more than 70% blocked. The next day I was sent home. I'm being a good boy now, I stopped smoking after the 1st heart attack and have no interest in smoking again. I changed my diet, No fat milk, whole grains and no fat cheese. more veggies, fish, chicken (no skin) and a lot less red meats. I'm now 2 months post heart attack and to be honest. Not doing so well, I feel angry. down loss of enjoyment for life, argue with my wife, feel stressed and still have that feeling of heartburn (got more meds for that) I fell as if I've been robbed, maybe cheated. I don't care for things as I use too. I know I'm depressed, I need time to sort things out. I have no energy to get out and walk. I'm happy to have found this site and will be contacting my Dr for the depression on Monday. BTW 2 weeks after the 1st heart attack was the birthday I almost missed.

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Thanks Dixie
by: Joe D

Thank You Dixie .. will have that check too!

Thank You for your Ears :)
by: Joe D.

Thanks for responding everyone. I'm doing ok .. just dealing with heartburn or indigestion (any idea's on that would be helpful) As far as the smoking goes, Yesterday was 75 days of being smoke free! health bennies and I have some bucks to save for a vacaton :) I am slowly turning into a vegaterian (have no idea if that spelling is correct) here is the funny part though. I own a BBQ joint... People ask me what I like best on the menu .. (I didn't eat much of the food there brcause I was also the head chef and all). I would tell them I'm vegaterian with a straight face and they would have this look on thiers .. was priceless. Than I would laugh and tell them I was kidding. I stopped working the 100 plus hours a week and now just go in once a week to check on things. Everyone knew how hard I worked and I figured it out some. Looking back and starting a new business is like raising a child, You have to be there for it all the time and care for it. I got so wrapped up taking care of the business Iforgot to take care of myself. I think that would be a lesson I've learned and almost paid the ultimate price (my life). anyway .. I hope everyone is doing well. Stay healthy !! Oh and for the record .. veggie burgers, veggie hor dog and fat free cheese .. yuck .. but I'm getting use to it some .. just ad more Ketchup .. :)

Thanks again,

Dixie again:
by: Anonymous

I forgot to mention that the thyroid could also cause some of the symptems you mentioned. A simple blood test won't hurt.
Take care, Dixie..

Hang in there:
by: Dixie

Joe, You got me chuckling! Im so glad to hear that you quit smoking, and I know how you feel. I had a total of three hospitalized heart attacks, one stent in the groil, a quadrupal by-pass surgery in 1995, and another tripple by-pass in 2007, a pacemaker Difebrillator implanted in 2007, and a upgraded pacemaker implant procedure in 2011. Went to the Doc the other day and had the coraded arteries checked, looks like another visit to the butcher shop is coming up. Guess what, I'd light up again in a minute! I'm 75 yrs young, and plan to make it until 100 yrs. Sounds like you're doing everything right. When you're ready to hang it up, give Marlboro's a shot, I loved then! Stop picking on the wife, be thankful she stays with your abusive butt, it's not her fault you chose to do things that compromized your health. Keep your mind and body busy, take the Meds, and be good to your self. I wish you the best. Zeke..

hang in there
by: Brian from North Carolina

Last line of your posting is all you need to remember, I think, as you battle this depression: The birthday I almost missed ...
The cigarettes alone are enough to turn you into a madman. On drugs (nicotine) 20 or 30 times a day for, in your case, 38 years, and in mine 30? I never gave a thought to picking up the damn things again (smoked the last one in the pack as I waited to go in the ER; I'd come out 9 days later with triple bypass after mild heart attack). But I'm certain there's withdrawal whether we're thinking of it or not. That and the sudden dose or mortality. Of serious consequences beyond our control. Depressed? Hell yes. but recoverable. You're controlling the risk factors you can control. The gratefulness you feel for being alive will eventually outweigh the shock (depression) you feel at the huge change in your life. I'm about two months from my two years anniversary. I promise you. It gets better. Much better.

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