1 Year Post Bypass Surgery

by Duke
(Barre Ma. USA)

I had an M.I. and a triple bypass 1 year ago. Went into the ER for a GI problem, (chrones) and had an M.I. while I was there. (49yo). Everything has progressed well and I am back to golfing, hiking and work. My only issue/question is that I have a constant "numbness, heaviness in my chest just left of the sternum. I'm told this is fairly common and in some patients it doesn't go away. It is very daunting and every day it concerns me as to whether is is an another M.I. or normal. Does anyone else have these issues/concerns and how do you deal with it? Thanks!!!! Duke

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14 months
by: Anonymous

14 months post op. mine is a little numb on the left side, and still a little sore on the right side. I'm told this is normal. On the left side they actually cut the chest muscle, on the right side it remains attached when they open the chest and gets pulled into positions it was not meant to be pulled in. Also, i have soreness in my right shoulder blade, also told this was normal.

1 year post bypass surgery
by: Brian

I too am approaching 1 yr for triple bypass (July 8). I am 51. I don't think I would describe mine as numbness. But the area around my sternum is still sore, and that surprises me somewhat after a year.

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